Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Mom Moment

Hello there! Dana Corbit here. I'm feeling a little sad this morning as I sit at a table in my favorite Biggby coffee shop. I had another one of those "Mom Moments" today as I sent my girls off to the first day of school. (Here in Michigan we start really late.) Anyway, we've all had "Mom Moments," right? The day we put our first or last kindergartner on the bus. The day we walk past Santa at the mall and realize that we no longer have anyone at home young enough to want to scramble up in the Jolly Old Elf's lap. At our house today was our LAST first day of school when I could force all three girls to mug together for the annual picture. Yes, we're THOSE parents who insist on recording these moments for posterity. This one is especially poignant. Next year the first will be off at college - probably thrilled that she won't have to be in a picture - and my husband and I will be telling the remaining two will pretend to like each other for the photo. All I can say is I'm glad I only had a minute to shoot these photos this morning before two had to drive off together and the other had to catch the bus because even now my eyes are burning and my nose is threatening to drip right here in front of the other coffee drinkers and wireless Internet surfers. How did this happen? What happened to my sweet little girls who ran along the beach in their matching red-and-white swimsuits, one still wearing a swim diaper under it? When did playing with Polly Pockets in the basement become driving to work and soccer practice, and when did parent-tot swim class become daily swim practice to perfect the breast stroke? I know. I know. It's supposed to be this way - it's part of God's plan for them to go off and make their own lives - but did it have to happen so fast? Did we have to go from first teeth to braces to smiles in senior pictures without taking a breath? One more year. I can say that today with a sigh of relief. We have one last year to be together as a family before they start flying from the nest one by one. People tell me that when the time comes I'll be ready to push each one from the nest and say "Fly, sweetie, fly," but I'm not convinced. (Pause to wipe my nose.) Better check on me next fall. I might need some comforting.


Amy Sorrells said...

Love this. You're not alone in your feelings of sadness related to your kiddos growing up. I'm right there with ya! Thanks for sharing . . .

Project Journal said...

Awww! This really reminds me of my mom lol! I started college on Friday....freshman year! It's really scary....not much fun yet : ( We started classes this morning....really looking forward to Friday when I get to go home! Lol! I think I'm the worst college student ever! Doesn't even want to be at school and looks forward to going home : D

Don't worry, you're not alone! I know my mom feels the same way. Also, once they leave for college they probably won't be as excited to go as you think!
Thanks for this great post, Dana!

brenda minton said...

I'm not sure if I'm ready to push mine from the nest, either. Okay, one of them, maybe.(but only on certain days) But the oldest is nearly 20 and I still call him if he isn't home by 11:30..just to make sure he's okay. Oh, and the other night I texted him to make sure he had his seatbelt on. (He wasn't driving)

Jessica said...

Aw. My daughter just turned one year old, and I still feel like it was yesterday that I was in the hospital in labor. They do grow up so fast!!

Dana Corbit said...

Thanks for the comments, Amy, Hannah, Brenda and Jessica. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone. My girls thought it was funny when I told them what I blogged about. But as a mom who cries during commercials and sad stories on the news, I provide them much entertainment.

Amy, hope you're surviving these difficult mom moments.

Hannah, have fun at college. You'll make good friends, and then though you'll still enjoy going home for visits, you won't miss it all the time.

Brenda, I think we were separated at birth. :)

Jessica, enjoy every minute. It passes so fast.