Thursday, September 23, 2010


Leann Harris here. I just came back from speaking to a group of 2nd and 4th grades on what I do--my job as a writer. It was wonderful to see a auditorium full of eager young minds. I told them about making up stories. Of course I took my last book, but I also took my son's favorite book when he was in the sixth grade. HANK THE COWDOG is a charming and fun read. It's told from the dog's pv. And when I asked them who was talking, they knew.

I also pointed out to the kids that when they closed the book, those characters stopped and waited for the reader to come back and start reading again. TV isn't like that and if you leave the room for something to eat the show could start without them.

The kids asked a lot of good questions. Where did I get my ideas? How did I get my mind to work when I didn't have an idea. The kids also drew me thank you cards. I had a great time, talking to all those wonderful, eager faces.

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Martha Eskuchen said...

It must have been encouraging that they asked good questions and how lovely to get the thank you notes - even if the teacher made them write them. :) I like how you said the characters wait for them to open the book again.