Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The true about continuities--Lenora Worth

Hello. I can't believe I've finally caught up on work. And just in time for summer, too. I finished a manuscript and got it sent in, did revisions on another one, read over the final edits on yet another one and got proposals ready for (hopefully) a new contract. Now I'm about to start on a fun continuity with several other Love Inspired writers. When I first started writing continuities, they kind of drove me crazy--all the characters, all the stories, all the things the writers had to work through. But now, I enjoy writing continuities--six books in a series written by six different writers. I thought I'd share what I've learned (besides playing well with others.)

1. Even though continuity proposals are created and written by our editors, the writers still get to be part of the creative process. We sometimes go back to our editors with changes that we believe will work best for the story. And they are great about working with us to make this happen.

2. When six women get together and discuss a storyline, anything can happen. But for the most part, we all get along great and try to compromise to make the stories flow together. This has taught me all about brainstorming and the give-and-take of writing a series with others.

3. It's fun to take a story and run with it and make it your own. Coming up with our own characters and stories will always be a part of our job. But taking a skeleton character and bringing him alive is a big challenge, too. Especially when it involves mingling with other characters from other books.

4. The plots are diverse and wild sometimes, but that's part of the fun of being involved in a continuity. It's still challenging and demanding and it teaches us to think on our feet. Continuities aren't for everyone because they do have to come together rather quickly and you need to be very flexible. But ... I love a good challenge.

5. And last but not least, I've learned we have a wonderfully talented group of writers at Love Inspired. I've worked with writers who are legends in the business and I've worked with new writers who are eager to write more stories for Steeple Hill. And very rarely have I had any troubles. We might hash things out back and forth, but in the end we all respect and admire each other. When we get together once a year for our publisher's party, we always have the DJ play a very special song--We Are Family--by Sister Sledge. And we truly do feel like one big family of sisters who love writing inspirational romance and celebrating our faith.

And that, sisters, is the best kind of continuity--the one where we are all together in this for the long haul. What a blessing! (The picture above includes some of my fellow writers--Debbie Clopton, Kathy Springer, Margaret Daley,(me) and Winnie Griggs. I've written continuities with Kathy and Margaret! And I love Debbie and Winnie's books!)


Margaret Daley said...

That's a great picture. I've so loved working with you on continuities!!!

Lenora said...

Thanks Margaret. That was at ACFW in 2007. I believe you won an award that year! I love working with you, too.

Stephanie Newton said...

When six women get together and discuss a storyline, anything can happen...I bet that's the truth!

Love hearing the details behind some of my favorite stories. :)