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BRIDE IN TRAINING by Gail Gaymer Martin - July release

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Authors are often asked, "Which of your novels is your favorite?" It's like asking a mother which is her favorite child. We birth these stories, nurse them into life, watching them grow, and finally we  step back and say I am finished -- although authors all confess they would probably edit their books forever if they didn't have a deadline.

Bride In Training was a joy to write. The characters were interesting as each struggles with personal issues that affect their lives, just as you and I have those times that we can't quite let go of our issues--times we made terrible mistakes, sinned, acted foolish, things we wish we could erase.

But the novel is not without laughs.  Nessie, the white Cairn terror on the cover is a handful, and I dredged up many  stories from my own dogs' lives and from other dogs I've known and wove them into the three books set in the Man's Best Friend Series.

Although this book is part of the Man's Best Friend series, it is also a stand alone. Each of the stories revolved around three women working in a dog shelter. Molly in book #1 Dad In Training taught obedience in a special program she created called Teacher's Pet -- a real organization here in Michigan -- and she was the one who set her mind to finding a building to open dog shelter. Her friend Steph (and her dog Fred, a border collie) was also in book #1 and longed for a place to relocate her Doggie Day Care. She had her own story in Book #2, Groom In Training.  Emily, a part time employee at the dog shelter, was also a dog walker and dog sitter and is the heroine in Book #3, Bride In Training where she fills the pages with laughter and tears.

Back Cover Blurb:
And Puppy Makes Three

Perfectionist Martin Davis's life is in turmoil. The lonely businessman's search for companionship led him to adopt a dog--a rather rambunctious terrier. And now Martin's at his wits' end. When dog trainer, Emily Ireland offers to help, Martin is grateful--and intrigued.

But he's wary of getting too close to the sweet, pretty Emily, especially when he learns of her scandalous past. Can Martin ever open his heart to the possibility that Emily just may be his perfect bride?
Bride In Training received 4 stars in the Romantic Times Book Reviews, and I was thrilled. So if you enjoy dogs, their antics and romance, I think you'll enjoy this series.

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Joy Avery Melville said...

This is my all-time favorite book by the author, Gail Gaymer Martin...and I've read most of the novels this prolific writer has put to print. This book really IS inspiring and Gail's writing has 'matured' to a fine art. Her characters are real, her emotion makes the reader empathetic and she's mastered pov!
This is one fantastic read and you hate to see it end but she'll be out with another one so don't fret it.