Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Book signing treat

Hi everyone,
I had to share this book signing treat.
Three generations of the same family
are all fans of mine and wanted their picture
taken with me. What fun!


Marta Perry said...

Thanks lovely, Pat. Where was your signing?

You know, book signings can be frustrating at times, especially when the only person who stops at your table wants to know where the restroom is! But there's always at least one really neat thing like this that happens.

Marta Perry

Ausjenny said...

how cool is that. I wish i lived where i could get to booksignings.
the only book signings i have been to have been for cricket players and Yes i have bought there book just to get it signed and still haven't read it (and the photograph and to be near them)
Im a cricket fanatic.
But i would love to go to a book signing of christian novelists.

Pat Davids said...

Hi Marta,

Congrats on your great review.

My signing was in Wichita Kansas. I'll be signing in Emporia Kansas at Town Crier Books on June 14th.

Yes, signings can be torture. I always have free Dove chocolates to give away. One mall walker stopped by three times to take a piece of chocolate and tell me how lonesome I looked.

Debra Clopton said...

This is a neat photo Pat!I love it when readers write and say the mother the grandmother and the granddaughter all read my books. To have a picture of all 3 like this is really speacial!