Monday, April 18, 2016

Writers and Readers Oh My!

Last Tuesday, after work, I drove to Las Vegas.
Nope, not a vacation location for me.
But, Romantic Times Magazine brought together readers and writers
for a six day conference.
Woo woo.

A bunch of us jumped in my mini-van
Drove through a strange town
to an awesome Italian restaurant
Back row: Vinnie the waiter, Jessica Nelson, Lisa Mondello, Pamela Tracy
Front row:  Danica Favorite, Lenora Worth, Allie Pleiter

We met with Farah who works for Harlequin.  

Harlequin did a book signing
Lenora and I were very happy.

I managed to get a few touristy things done
Like go to the Mob Museum

There was a giant book signing that featured Lenora

The final night, Danica and I plus Judy Devries get together for a party

So, now you know how Pamela Tracy spent the last week.  I'm home now.  The hubby is happy - he no longer has to help with homework. The son is happy - someone will go grocery shopping and buy the right food.  The dog is happy - she's always happy.  The cat isn't happy - he still doesn't understand why we're keeping the dog.

My next book
Available April 24th


Danica Favorite said...

So fun! I loved spending so much time with you!!

Pamela Tracy said...

Thanks Danica. I'm annoyed that I didn't get more pictures.

jcp said...

I hope this deal is ok to post here since all of the authors here with Harlequin. It's good through tomorrow only at

It's a BOGO sale (limit 10 books total with the coupon code CHOICEBOGO. It ends at 11;59ET (US time) April 21. One use per person.

Jennifer said...

Hi Ladies!!!To funny about how things are not quite right when the mom leaves. Glad you had such an awesome time last week! Jenny