Monday, September 28, 2015

What Were You Doing Last Night

Pamela Tracy here, and I was probably doing what many of you were…

Moon Watching

What's really cool about our neighborhood is the throwback feature.  We've got a gang of boys who do everything together.  My son is the one at the left, blue shirt, sitting down.  This is the beginning of the evening.

Kids loved last night because the end of play time on a school night is usually 7:00.  We didn't end last night until almost 8:00

Hubby grumbled a bit, something about supper being REALLY late and something about a football game..

Still, he dragged out his telescope and let all the kids look through the lens. 

We parents were sitting behind the kids, on lawn chairs, one of the benefits of a cul de sac neighborhood.

This isn't my street.  My photos didn't come out this well.  But, this is another AZ neighborhood with a gorgeous mountain in the background. 

Apparently, one of the cool features of last night's moon was the size.  It was the biggest (closest to the Earth) of the year.

Then, the biggest moon of the year coincided with an eclipse that turned it red.   Which is what earned the cry, "WOW."

God is truly Amazing.

Available December 2015

By the way, what did you think of last night's moon?


jcp said...

I'm embrassed to say I was asleep:)

Pamela Tracy said...

Hope you enjoyed the photos :)
Having a ten-year-old inspired outings such a this. Though, in some ways, I think the parents enjoyed it more than the kids.

Leann Harris said...

My husband called me outside and we watched it together.

Pamela Tracy said...

How cool. I am thinking he wasn't looking longingly at the house where the football game was playing inside, either LOL.
We are married to heroes.

Jill Weatherholt said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos, Pam. They really are beautiful. We had so much cloud cover, we weren't able to see it.

Pamela Tracy said...

Oh, Jill, I'm sorry to hear that. I guess last time we had a Supermoon, in AZ, that was the problem here. Sunday night, though, was perfect. I'd never seen it so amazing clear.

Jennifer said...

The skies were to cloudy for us to see it and we were really disappointed because we always watch for the Space Station to fly over. The stars are always great to observe ant time the sky is clear. My husband and I even found an app called Sky View that points out the constellations and shows where the Space is and how often it orbits the earth. Hi Ladies! Jenny