Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Remembering 1972 by Leann Harris

I've just started the last book in my trilogy Legacy of Lies, and due to the heroine's age it book has to be set in 1972 when the Cold War was raging. '72 was my senior year in college (too much info) and when you're finishing up your degree, you generally don't pay any attention to the news. I've had to go back and look up what happened that year. ABBA was popular. The Brady Bunch was on TV, and the movie version of Fiddler on the Roof
came out. And the ugly clothes. Oh my, what were we thinking? I remember a pair of hound's tooth heavy jersey pants that my husband had. But since I'm setting my book in that year, I thought it would be easy. Wrong. I don't remember when cell phones came into popular use? PCs? What forensics were possible. I remember going with my husband and his box of punch cards to the CVC6600, housed in the main building of the university. So what I thought wouldn't be a lot of research is turning out to be as much trouble as the book before, which was set in 1941. 1972 was the Munich Olympics. I can still remember the shock and sadness of that event. But my book is set around Mardi Gras, so I need to make sure what was possible at the time is right.
The pic of me is on my honeymoon with my jersey pants.


Jennifer said...

I know you mean about remembering what was popular at the I was born or graduated high school. Maybe if our internet is working I'll try and look up what was big at the time. Thanks Leann!

jcp said...

It's interesting what we remember and what don't before research about each decade