Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mountain Living in Community

This is my back yard! So worth all the trouble!
Hi Everyone! Danica Favorite here, and I'm really hoping this post works! You see, we recently moved to our dream home in the mountains, and we're having an interesting learning curve. A couple of nights ago, I was working on my computer, and all the power went out. As it turns out, a power pole elsewhere in the mountains burned down, and it took out all the power for our area, affecting about 5,000 people. Yikes!

Originally, they said we'd be out of power for three days, but fortunately, it ended up only being one. But it was amazing what we could not do with no power. For example, in the mountains, we have water from a well. Without power to run the well pump, we have no water. As you can imagine, that makes for a pretty interesting time!

But the great thing is, life in the mountains means people stick together and help each other out, so we came down from the mountain, spent time with some relatives, and had a lot of others reaching out to make sure we had everything we needed.Which is one of the things my Leadville books also emphasizes. Community, working together, and making sure that everyone has what they need. It's neat to live in a place where it's really true. I think, for survival reasons, living in the mountains, you have no choice but to stick together. Wouldn't it be great to see that happening in more places?

I think that's why I like writing about people living in community. Maybe if we all see how wonderful it is to help each other out, then there will be more of it in this world. So call me biased, and maybe I have a little bit of an agenda, but I always hope that I always demonstrate that community spirit in both my books, and my life. You don't have to live in the mountains to live in community!

How can you reach out to others in your community today?

Former deputy Will Lawson is fighting to regain his reputation—and Mary Stone is his only lead to the bandit who framed him. Now that he's tracked Mary to Leadville, Colorado, Will needs the proud beauty to reveal her past. Instead, his efforts spark a mighty inconvenient attraction…

Mary's only real crime is that she once believed an outlaw's lies. Still, she fears disclosing the truth to Will may land her in jail—and leave her young siblings without protection. Now she must choose between honesty and safeguarding her family. And if Will does clear his own name, can he convince the woman he loves to share it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danica!
I read The Lawman's Redemption last weekend and loved it. Am I right in thinking I read somewhere that I'll get to read about Jasper and Emma sometimes soon??? Your chicken pic made me think of the old, old movie The Egg and I. It's hilarious. Good Luck in your new adventure :)
Jenna Night

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks Jenna! So glad you enjoyed it! Emma Jane and Jasper's story will be out in April!

Jennifer said...

I have this book on my to be read pile and I hope to read II within the next two weeks. Looking forward to Emma and Jasper's story!