Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is it about a Christmas Tree?

Jenna Mindel here, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year! I had to share a picture of my Christmas Tree this year.  Looking up the history of the Christmas trees online, I was glad to see more than simply pagan traditions.  Christians in Germany around the 16th century were credited with starting the decorated evergreen tree tradition and Martin Luther is said to have been the first to add candles.

I'm not sure how true all that might be, but I sure do love the tradition of Christmas trees.  I'm a stickler for a cut-your-own too. The smell of freshly cut pine can't be beat.  (unless you're allergic, of course!)

Every year, I drag my husband into the woods or the tree farm not far from our house to cut down a tree.   I love the process of hunting for that special one.  You know, the one that whispers... "take me home." LOL. 

In fact, I paid homage to searching for a Christmas tree in my latest Love Inspired release, His Montana Homecoming.  It was really fun writing about it too. 

(I also love reading Christmas tree scenes!)

So what's your Christmas tree tradition?  Do you go real? Artificial? One or many?  What kind of ornaments do you prefer? 

I'd love to know here but also, if you email me through my website at, you'll be entered in a drawing for a copy of "His Montana Homecoming."

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Keli Gwyn said...

This is our first Christmas without our daughter, a recent college graduate who is living and working in Austria. Since our gal's not with us this year, Gwynly and I switched things up a bit. Instead of going to a cut-your-own lot as we'd done in the past, we got an artificial tree. It felt odd to set it up, but we're happy with it. The cats prefer this tree to a real one, as evidenced by the number of ornaments we find on the floor in the morning. Gwynly likes not having to add water to the tree every night. I like not having to worry about needles and sap. We just might be converts.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna, Merry Christmas Jenna! Growing up with my family we always had real trees but then I met my husband and we had a couple real trees and then was a fake ever since. I can tell you I do not miss the pine needles at all.
That's scary people putting candles in a tree. There's something very wrong with that. Jenny

Merry Christmas Keli and Jackie!

Jenna Mindel said...

That's great! Not to mention that you can keep the tree up as long as you like. :) I definitely see the merits of an artificial tree.:)
A very Merry Christmas to you and Gwynly - may your first Christmas without your daughter be mild, and not sting too much.

Jenna Mindel said...

Hi Jennifer,
Good Morning and Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for stopping by. I'm thinking those Christmas Trees with the candles couldn't have been indoors long. LOL. Years ago a friend of mine had candle styled electric lights on her tree and it was just gorgeous. :)

Jackie Smith said...

Merry Christmas to Jenna, Jennifer and Keli!!
We have a small tree, but enough for us as dd has 7, and we will be with her!
Jenna, I have your book...been collecting that whole series and plan to read them all early next year!!

Shirley said...

All the ornaments on my tree are religious in nature. There are over 100 angels, along with apples, bells, nativities, candles (not lit ones) and such. I love decorating for Christmas.
Jenna - Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
Loved your contribution to the Big Sky Centennial series.

Jenna Mindel said...

Hope you enjoy the series :) I too, have them all and look forward to reading them in order!

Your tree sounds gorgeous!! Thank you for your post.

And thank you both for your support!
Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer said...

Shirley I'm glad you made mention your candles were not lit candles. :)

Jenna Mindel said...

Congrats to Jennifer Tipton for winning a copy of "His Montana Homecoming"

Merry Christmas everyone!

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!!!