Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer time....

Summertime adventures, anyone?

Can you believe it's mid-July already?  I don't know where this spring went, and here we are, heading into shorter days already.

After a moment or two of thought, I know why our spring and summer have been speeding by....quite a bit of travel, and lots of family events.

Here is the  lemon bundt cake I made for the party celebrating our daughter Emily's college graduation in May--she got her MS in Special Ed.  Her husband graduated too, so we had lots to celebrate!

Then a few days later, she and I headed to the Gulf so she could start looking at property and get a feel for the area, before we headed over to  New Orleans for the Romantic Times convention.

Oh, my.  What a wonderful time we had, enjoying the restaurants in the Garden District and French Quarter, and just soaking up the atmosphere down there.   I love New Orleans!

Have you been there?  Every time, I find myself on a Swamp Tour.  Bayou country is so beautiful, with its  mysterious waterways, Spanish moss draped trees  and creatures lurking in dark water.  Invariably,  the tour guides lure alligators from the shore with marshmallows, hotdogs or chicken.

This year, the guide seemed overly friendly with the  swamp creatures.  I was relieved when he didn't get hauled into the water... and glad that I was on the nice, safe boat.  :)

This little feller was  released after we had a chance to meet him.  I suspect he won't be nearly as friendly in another year or so.

 I hope you've been having a wonderful summer, filled with sunny days, time with family, and plenty of good books to read.

I would love to hear about some of your memorable summertime experiences!

Blessings,  Roxanne Rustand


MJ said...

Sounds like a busy but fun summer!! Thanks for sharing :D

Keli Gwyn said...

Wow! What an interesting summer you've had. I've never been to the Bayou or seen an alligator up close and personal. Not sure I'd want to. You're a braver woman than I.

The highlight of our summer is a visit from our daughter. She's in between her teaching assistant job in France this past school year and her upcoming teaching assistant job in Austria.

BW said...

I kicked off my summer by going to France for 12 days. It was awesome!

RoxanneRustand said...

Thanks, MJ!

Keli, Your daughter's visit sounds wonderful! What an adventurer she is, going to different countries to work. I wish I'd thought of that during my single days so many years ago! :)

BW, We've never been to France, but I know it must be wonderful. We've only played it safe with going to countries that speak English. :) Did you find much of a language barrier?

BW said...

I don't speak French and I tried to learn some before I went. My learning was a disaster to say the least. However, I found the French people very nice and helpful and willing to speak English to me.

RoxanneRustand said...

That's wonderful to hear, BW. I love history, and LOVE art museums. I would so enjoy going there someday!