Monday, July 28, 2014

A Whole Lotta Love Inspired Authors and More

Pamela Tracy here and I'm in a motel in Lordsburg, New Mexico.  Today I spent 12 hours driving away from San Antonio  I miss it already!

For the last six days, romance authors of all shapes, sizes, and genres gathered at the Romance Writers of America conference.  I was in Love Inspired bliss.

The say a picture's worth a thousand words, so here are my favorites.
Mindy Obenhaus shows her badge with the SOLD ribbon while attending the Library Fiesta

Missy Tippens takes a photo during the general meeting.  Tina Radcliff sits next to her.

Lacy Williams attending the same meeting.  Look at that smile.

Danica Favorite looks chic as she attends the Harlequin E pajama party.

During Love Inspired Meet and Greet, various authors pay rapt attention to what's going on with the line.
It's all good!

Tina James, editor extraordinary, takes a group of authors to lunch.

What a great time we haad.


Keli Gwyn said...

I'm glad you had such a great time at Nationals. I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the Love Inspired authors posted online. So many smiles.

Pamela Tracy said...

It was great fun!

Pamela Tracy said...

Jackie, so glad you stopped by. I've always loved seeing the faces behind the books. This year I met several LI authors whom I'd never met before :)

Leann Harris said...

Great fun.

Pamela Tracy said...

It was great fun and even more fun to see your smiling face.

Pamela Tracy said...

Jennifer, RWA is Romance Writers of America. So, it's mostly for authors. There's workshops and networking, and keynote speakers. There's also a huge booksigning that brings in a lot of readers. It's at a different locale every year.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Pamela for the info and I hope it comes to Lexington, Ky sometime.

Anonymous said...

That sneaky Mindy took my picture. LOL.

Pamela Tracy said...

Jennifer, I've been to twelve RWA's and not a one has been in Kentucky. I wonder where your biggest conference center is?

I'm in Arizona. There's never been one here. I'm thinking that because we get to 117 degrees in July, it might be a turn-off, but Hey.. it's a dry heat.

Pamela Tracy said...

LOL, you think Mindy is sneaky.

Jennifer said...

Pamela, We do have the Rupp Arena which a lot of concerts are held and holds lots of conventions and has a big hotel right across the street that have enclosed bridges. The Hotel is the Hyatt Regency. There's a mall attached and others places attached by inclosed bridges. Lexington is loaded with restaurants and several historical houses such as Mary Todd Lincoln's house (which is 5min away), The Henry Clay Estate, The Waveland Estate, White Hall (Cassius Clay). My mom and I walked through them all.

Pamela Tracy said...

Okay, Jennifer, you've convinced me. I want to see Mary Todd Lincoln's house.

What is the weather right now?

Jennifer said...

Pamela the weather is usually hot and humid but the weather this summer has been great, At this moment it is 83 and a storm brewing.