Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Spirit?

 Hi, Charlotte Carter here.

My Christmas shopping is done. The presents that needed to be shipped are on their way. The Christmas letter my husband wrote is tucked into appropriate cards, sealed, stamped and mailed. I’ve wrapped the presents for those who live locally and they await delivery.

Last week my husband put up the outside lights without complaint! Yesterday I decorated inside; it seems, with an empty nest, I do less every year.

Writing? That’s been on hold, but soon I will get back to it. Deadline looms.

Amid all the activities and stress, our government is arguing about taxes, battles rage all around the world and a terrible tragedy happened in Newtown, CT.

How can we hold onto the message of Christmas? What is your secret? Share it with others so they will know.

Happy reading....
Books that leave you smiling....

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