Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leigh Bale's Parents Get an Offer

Have you ever felt strongly that you needed to do something very difficult, but it’s like trying to start a dead car to make it happen? It just seems so difficult and like everything is out of sync? Nothing works right. And then, maybe one, two or more years later, it all falls into place? It all works perfectly. That’s how it’s been for over two years while my parents have tried to sell their home and relocate to my city, a ten hour drive away from where they currently live. They just have not been able to sell their home. But then, something miraculous happened last week.

I am thrilled to say my parents have finally sold their house. And they actually have equity! The sale took us completely off guard. It happened so fast. Last Wednesday, an offer was made and accepted on their house. On Friday, they drove to my home for Christmas and informed me that they needed to go house hunting in my city. I immediately found them a realtor, scheduled a meeting for them with a funding company, got them in for pre-approval, and today they found and made an offer on a house only five miles away from my home. (See the picture of their new house.) It’ll be hectic and very difficult for them to move at their age, but within six to ten weeks, they’ll be living here in my city. I’m planning to take time off work next month to go in and help them move, but we’re all so happy that things have finally fallen into place. As my parents get older, having them nearby so I can care for them is truly an answer to our prayers.

How about you? Do you live near your family members? Do you get together often to enjoy one another’s company? I sure hope so.

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Leigh Bale
The Forest Ranger’s Husband – Now available
The Forest Ranger’s Child – Available June 2012

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