Monday, July 12, 2010

Change of Plans

Pamela Tracy here, middle name: listmaker.

1. Mikey's swim lessons dutifully written in my calendar.

2. Homework done for June's class, due in September.

3. What we're having for dinner all week thought out.

4. Fourth of July all planned out, subs found, etc.

My fourth didn't turn out like it was supposed to. See, we were supposed to go camping. I told everyone who asked, "What are we doing? Oh, we're going camping." "The fourth? Of course, we're going camping?" "That weekend, we're going camping."

I wrote it in my calendar. That means we're doing it. Right? Wrong.

After the extended family bailed, my little family wound up with no plans. That's okay, because I write in my calendar using a pencil. Going Camping got replaced with Going Exploring.

We drove up past Payson, Arizona, and turned down what my husband calls a control road. We spent the whole day exploring. We weren't alone. Apparently, the fourth is a killer Boy Scout weekend (Hmmm, I write suspense. Can I use this. YES!)We actually followed a caravan up to Camp Geronimo, but could only do a Uey. No trespassers, you see. We then headed for Washington Park. Where we got out and played. The local fire department, one truck, stopped and told us "No quads."

From there we went to a place called Whispering Pines. Imagine living in a tiny community in the woods!

My favorite moment was when we found a stream (everyone else had found it too) and got out to play. I took Mikey down to his undies and he and Daddy built dams. Me, I settled on a rock and finished reading Linda Goodnight's The Wedding Garden.

My calendar is a wonderful thing. It the cheap month-at-a-glance kind, roughly the size of a paperback, but only as thick as a poptart (I've been trying to think of what the thickness was, and my son just brought me a poptart. Talk about timing).

My calendar is a bit like the book I'm working on. It can be changed.

Hook: last minute change of plans.
Hero and heroine: Plumber, teacher
Comic relief: Five year old son.
There are black moments: Mikey fell in the creek.
Perfect ending: Happily Ever After.

Happy July, All.


Ramona Richards said...

I LOVE unexpected "plans." Some of my best adventures developed out of last-minute changes. And I adore the way you laid out this "tale."

Anonymous said...

Teehee. I got to go to Camp Geronimo with my son in June. Maybe you'll get to go with Mikey some day! Great place and beautiful. No cell phone reception though. There's also a girlscout camp in that area, too. I've been camping three times this summer already0just got back from Lynx Lake near Prescott. I think that's why they make pencils-so you can change your plans at a moments notice. :)

Pamela Tracy said...

I agree. When my husband and I were dating, we went exploring because we had no plans. We found a deserted camp - real camp with cabins. I've always wanted to go back. Some of the cabins had small refrigerators from the 1950s in them! Too cool.

Pamela Tracy said...

Kim, I'm hoping DH will do the camping thing with Mikey. I'll be doing the swim team thing (yes, I'm planning ahead). It was a cool place. I loved them totem poles. We've canoed in Lynx Lake :) I have lots of pencils.

Project Journal said...

LOL Pam!! This was such a cool way of telling us about your adventures. I think that no matter what you guys will always have fun when Mikey's around : D

I can only imagine the warmth and love that just oozes (terrible word choice!) from your family! It's clear that you all enjoy each others company and even more love each other. You guys are great examples of what to do!

Pamela Tracy said...

You're such a sweetie. And, today, July the 13th, is my eighth wedding anniversary.
We'll go out to dinner and then take Mikey to his evening swim lesson. A perfect date.