Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you brave?

How brave are you? I, Barbara Phinney, am a big chicken. Everyone who knows me says that's not so, but let's not mistake extrovertism with bravery.
But I did the bravest thing I've done in a long time.
I gave my newest book, Silent Protector (Aug LIS) to Kelly Ripa. Yes, Kelly Ripa!!
You see, the Regis and Kelly Live! show went to Prince Edward Island last week, and I was fortunate enough to land tickets. So, with my daughter in tow, and two other friends, we scooted over the bridge and drove to Charlottetown.
I'd brought a copy of Silent Protector with me on a whim, and my friend urged me to go up to the stage to give it to her. She even went with me, but stopped at the band, One Republic, for autographs. I snagged Kelly's assistant and told him it was my book. He was impressed and took it for her.
I haven't sweated this much since I called my editor for the first time. And it wasn't because of the heat. Remember, I'm a chicken.
But taking a story I love, a story about trusting God, means I need to trust Him as well. I did that, sweaty palms and all.

In future posts, I hope to tell you how I was inspired to do this, but for now, on this sultry hot day, not long after Regis and Kelly have returned to New York, all I can say is that I did what everyone else on the Island does after an act of bravery. Or what every other sweltering writer wants to do after baring her soul in her book.
I headed for the Cows Ice Cream Parlour and ordered something with chocolate in it.
Enjoy your day!
Barbara Phinney


Anonymous said...

Woot! Way to go. Yeah for the chickens of the world. I'm one, too. Praying we see Silent Protector on their show soon. :) You mean you only sweated the first time you called your editor? I still do every time I have to pick up that phone. One would think it would be easier. I'll have to remember the ice cream next time:).

Mystery and Mayhem said...

Kim, I guess I should clarify that sweat comment. I should say I only needed the mop and bucket the first time. Since, a sponge is all I need. LOL!
I wasn't a chicken 'cus my *dear* friend Karen encouraged me, then stopped at One Republic on our way to the stage. When security told her to move along, she told him to stop being grouchy and leave her alone.
That's guts, let me tell you.

Joy Tamsin David said...

I am a total chicken!!! Good for you for getting the nerve to do it!


and since I wanna win the box o'books, I'll leave my web address. :)


Unknown said...

That's awesome Barbara! Way to get over your fear and give your book to a celebrity! I would be way to nervous to do something like that. I haven't read any of your books but I am so big fan of the Love Inspired books. I can't get enough of them.
I watch Kelly and Regis every morning. I hope your book gets on the show soon.

Camy Tang said...

Barbara, you're awesome!!! I especially loved your post-bravery de-briefing. :)

Unknown said...

And no I'm not brave! I'm a chicken! LOL