Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

Joy to the World! The Lord is come, Let earth receive her King.

I bet you can hear the melody to this carol playing in your head. Good. Sing it out loud. Rejoice in knowing that Christ was born.

If you're planning to have an Advent calendar this is the day to begin. Many years ago my children and I made Advent calendars out of felt and string and glitter and glue. Every year the kids get the calendar out and hang them from their bedroom door knobs. Each day they move a wooden snowflake to mark off the days until Christmas. Its a fun way to build the anticipation of the celebration we share on Christmas day.

In my release this month, Double Threat Christmas, my Irish family celebrates with a traditional Irish cake, a solid and heavy mixture of fruit and spices iced with Marzipan.
In my own family, my nephew makes the best homemade apple pie every year.
I'd love to know if you have a traditional goodie that you serve at Christmas.


susansbooks said...

We celebrate with lots of baked goodies, which we will be making to send to my son in Kuwait tomorrow. There are Chinese Noodle candy, Hello Dolly bars, sugar cookies with icing, divinity, fudge, chocolate crinkles and no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Ausjenny said...

sounds like a good book hope it comes to australia.
we always give cookies for gifts at christmas to the neighbours and people who have helped us in the year.
I love to do this and play christmas carols.

CatMom said...

My kiddos and I always bake lots of cookies at Christmas, but my personal favorite is our "Candy Cane Cookies"! It's a spritz recipe (with almond flavoring) with half the dough colored red. Then we take a small piece of the white dough and a small piece of red and twist gently into the shape of a candy cane. Pretty and yummy too!! ~ Patti Jo :)

Debra Clopton said...

I'm getting hungry just reading your posts about all of the cookies! In my family we don't make cookies lol my mom burns as many as I do :) so we bake cakes and pies. The favorite is my mom's chocolate fudge cake and her extra rich dark chocolate pie--its soooo rich and thick and her crust is just strong enough that you can pick it up like a piece of pizza and eat it without a fork!