Friday, April 7, 2017

Glynna Kaye Welcomes Spring --- and a New Release!

It’s been a typically crazy winter in mountain country Arizona where my “Hearts of Hunter Ridge” series is set. Deep freeze temperatures and record warm ones. Multi-footer weekend snow systems or an overnight sixteen inches that buried little hyacinths just starting to bloom. That’s what you get most years when you’re at an elevation higher than Denver!
But springtime is around the corner here--and in just a few weeks, my latest release The Nanny Bargain (#4 in the 6-book The Hearts of Hunter Ridge series) will be on store shelves!
 This was a fun book to write with a cute set of twins whose big brother is fighting an attraction for their pretty nanny. Both Sawyer and Tori have issues from their past that they need to let go of so God can bless their future. So it’s a rocky road on the way to their happily ever after!
While this part of the country is still a number of weeks away from flower planting if you don’t want them to get nipped by a freeze, in anticipation of that event I want to share previous years’ photos from a local nursery—and my own barrel of pink petunias!
 I’ve always LOVED gardening—flowers and herbs and fun things like miniature pumpkins. What about you?
Due to a high elevation that makes growing season incredibly short--and the poor soil—I don’t dare plant seeds if I want to see any blooms at all. So these days I stick pretty much to patio pots and hanging baskets!
I hope you’re having a beautiful Spring wherever you are!
THE NANNY BARGAIN. Concerned for his orphaned twin brothers, outdoor-gear shop owner Sawyer Banks urges new employee Tori Janner to apply for the nanny position their grandparents are advertising…and spy for him. With plans to start over in Hunter Ridge and dreams of reviving her quilting business, Tori takes the job—but refuses to report to Sawyer unless the boys' welfare is in danger. But soon it's her own heart that's in jeopardy. Because after spending time with the committed bachelor, she starts to see the depth behind his easy charm—and begins to imagine herself as his wife.
Keep an eye out for “The Nanny Bargain” (Pre-order HERE) and, in October 2017 “Mountain Country Cowboy,” another story set in Hunter Ridge!


LeAnne Bristow said...

Hi Glynna! It's crazy to think that we are just a few hours apart and you are still experiencing freezing temperatures and we are already turning on the air conditioners. I love the pictures of all the flowers and the mountains of Arizona (especially the Mogollon Rim) isone of my favorite places in the world to be.

Beth Carpenter said...

Love the spring flowers.

Glynna Kaye said...

Hello, LeAnne! Most people don't even HAVE air-conditioning in their homes up here in the mountains! There's probably only a couple of weeks right before the monsoon season starts when you think "Hmmmm, air conditioning might feel kinda good right about now! :)

Glynna Kaye said...

Hi, Beth! Thanks for stopping by! Right now the forsythia and trees are really blooming up a storm. I had tulips come up this past week that I must have planted last autumn or the one before and totally forgot about them. So pretty and such a nice surprise! I'm more than ready, though, to start seeing some LEAVES on the trees now. :)

Leann Harris said...

I love the pictures. The joy of the season is planting, and seeing your babies thrive. Kinda like writing a book and seeing readers enjoy your flowers (work.) I'm looking forward to reading yours.

Glynna Kaye said...

Hi, Leann! Thanks for popping in! :)

Excellent comparison between the planting and bringing enjoyment to others. Whether "planting" books or flowers or herbs or veggies, the joy is getting to share them with others!

I hope you enjoy The Nanny Bargain!