Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Good Morning by Leann Harris

I am not a morning person. I taught for a long time and had to leave the house around 7AM. Once I stopped teaching, I didn't keep up the early routine. I wake later but isn't my optimum time. Talk to me around noon.) But these last few weeks as I'm making hot tea in the morning, I look out in my yard and see all the daffodils and hyacinth and papperwhites blooming. They greet me and it's as if God says good morning. It makes me smile.


Mary Alford said...

Beautiful, Leann. Thanks for sharing.

LeAnne Bristow said...

Beautiful pictures! I love daffodils. I'm not a morning person either, but alas, my husband is very much one and so I'm doomed to be an early riser for the rest of my life!

Jackie Smith said...

We have daffodils blooming here in NE Georgia, too!