Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Deb Kastner here with a holiday question.
 Do you believe in miracles?
My family has been through SO much this year that my answer is an unqualified YES.

First, my husband had a double-stroke in September. The first stroke was immediately treated and we thought the worst of it was over, but then he was sent down to get an MRI and stroked again. He truly thought he was going to die in that moment, but God brought him back. He's still needed on earth, and I think the Lord every day for that. Even with his new disability, every day I spend with him is a blessing.

Then my mother had back surgery and there were moments that were touch and go. I'm nowhere near ready to say goodbye to my mother, and am happy to say that, while she's still in pain, she's recovering.

And last week my youngest daughter, with my five-year-old grandson in the car, had a major automobile accident. Her car was totaled, and yet they walked away, not totally unscathed, but considering what her car looks like, with relatively small injuries. She has a painful case of whiplash in her neck, shoulders and back, and one hand is in a splint, but for what it could have been, we're thankful. And the highlight of my grandson Boo's day was riding in the firetruck, with nothing more than a cut on his neck where the seat belt was.

Let's just say my family's guardian angels have been working overtime.

And in a most unexpected reminder of Christmas miracles, my Christmas cactus bloomed--at Christmastime! I have the blackest thumb ever and if it blooms, which is rarely, it's always been around Easter.

In my latest release, Mistletoe Daddy, Nick and Vivian are awaiting a miracle of their own. I'll bet you can guess from the cover what that is!

 Christmas is a time for miracles. Has God been working in a special way in your life?


Mary Alford said...

Deb, love your post and I'm praying for your family.
I do believe in miracles. Four years ago, my father in law passed away right before Christmas. He lived on the same property as us, just a little ways away. My husband went to check on him and found him. We were devastated. While we waited for the ambulance and the justice of the peace to pronounce him, I stood outside and waited for them. While I watched the skies above and cried, I lost count of the shooting stars I counted, and the coyotes howled all around me as if mourning as well. My father in law was a WWII veteran and a man's man. He loved being outdoors, sitting by a fire and listening to the sounds of the night, so for me, those were God's sign that my father in law was safely home.

Deb Kastner said...

What a beautiful story, Mary. It brought tears to my eyes.

Allie Pleiter said...

Goodness! You're due for a bit of peace, I'd say. Hope your Christmas is filled with hope and peace.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I very much believe in miracles in every way and I'm grateful God blessed your family with them! Every night that all of my family is safely together for dinner, is a miracle and a blessing to me. Jenny

Jackie Smith said...

Yes, I do believe in miracles! DH and I have health issues as we age, and God brings us through them all!
Deb, I have prayed for your husband and will continue to do so. Congrats on your lovely book; I plan to read it soon!
Merry Christmas!

Keli Gwyn said...

My heart goes out to you, Deb, for all you've gone through and are still going through. Life can be unpredictable at times, but so can God. So thankful He chose to spare your loved ones. May you sense His presence in a mighty way as you go forward and adjust to your new "normal."