Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tardy by Leann Harris

As I was standing in the kitchen this morning, it occurred to me this was my day to blog, thus my title "Tardy." Now I don't have to tell you what I did in a previous life. Only a teacher would think in terms of tardy, instead of late. Well, I was in the teacher mode, since on Saturday night I went to a reunion of the first class of students I taught. There were a handful of new teachers, deaf ed, hired to bring the school district up to Plan A, regional day school for the deaf. It was fun seeing those students, seeing how their lives changed. It
didn't take long to start thinking in sign, but reading the other person is what's hard, but isn't that how it is in any language? Now when I saw the picture I took, I told me daughter I looked mad. She told me I had on my teacher face. Also my latest Indie book is out, Stolen Secrets. It happened around the time I started teaching, but there's lots of murder, mayhem, and old secrets coming to light .


Jennifer said...

Hi Ladies! Hi Leann! I agree with your daughter about you having your teacher face on. I hope you are doing well and I'm glad you had a good time! Jenny

Jackie Smith said...

Your daughter is right...lol. What a talented person you are, Leann. I am so glad you enjoyed that event! I hope to attend a high school class lunch this week and see old friends. My attendance has been limited this year due to knee replacement and rehab.

Looking forward to reading your new book! Hi Jen!!

Leann Harris said...

Thanks, ladies. They are going to do a reunion next year. I plan to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks i had no knowledge about it, great job.
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