Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day by Leann Harris

Monday is Memorial Day. It is a time to think of those men and women who gave their full measure for this country. I remember going to visit my in-laws graves. They bought the plot during WWII. Although my in-laws died in the '70's the graves around them are young men who were 18 or 19, but they all died in December of 1941 or in early 1942. What promise was cut down, and they deserved my heart-felt thanks.


Keli Gwyn said...

Our daughter spent a year living and working in northern France as an English-language teaching assistant. We were privileged to visit her and traveled to Normandy. Seeing all those white crosses at the American Cemetery really brought home to me the high price paid by those who secure our freedoms. I'm beyond grateful to our service men and women of today and yesterday.

Jennifer said...

My nephew is in the Navy and I pray for him everyday. I've always been grateful for all our armed forces and I'm very grateful for the huge sacrifice that was made for my freedom. Jenny