Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Blessing of Reader Input by Cheryl Wyatt

Good morning! :-)

I'm working on a new book that I'm targeting toward Love Inspired for my Eagle Point Emergency series. The very cool thing about this book is that the opening scene (which includes a runaway lawn mower) was inspired by a discussion I had with readers on my Facebook author page here.

I also put feelers out for other things like season for the setting and secondary characters for the story. Those decisions went so much smoother with reader input! :-) I hope you'll join us sometime. We have a blast plotting fun and mayhem for my characters over there.

When I ran into research and plot snags (lawn mower and grill-related), I went to my reader page and you came through for me!

Plotting alone is not nearly as much fun as plotting with readers. I've found that books plotted with reader input mean so much more to me (and to readers) than books for which I haven't sought input.

Amid plotting that future book, I received the cover for my 4th Eagle Point Emergency book from Love Inspired and was absolutely THRILLED to learn that the awesome team chose to put a navy blue truck on my cover...something readers suggested.

It was SO fun to see that community-inspired element turn up on my cover! I'm excited because I think it honors readers and shows appreciation for their efforts in taking time to connect with us.

Here's a peek:

The Hero's Sweetheart will release from Love Inspired in February of 2016 & can be pre-ordered now from your favorite bookseller. The Hero's Sweetheart on Amazon

I also have a winter themed story releasing as part of an anthology from HarperCollins Christian Publishing on November 3rd (that's NEXT WEEK! YEEEEE!). Do you like the sepia cover?

A Season to Wed on Amazon

Readers, never underestimate the power YOUR words have in encouraging the authors you love to read. Your words and your readership, along with God's grace and guidance is what keeps us going.

What we do, we do for you. It makes my heart glad to know that many of the story elements that make it into the final form of my books are ideas inspired by the very friends whose readership enables me to continue writing. I am thankful for the ability to mention helpers in the dedication and acknowledgment pages of books.

From the bottom of my (our) heart(s)...THANK YOU!


*Do you enjoy offering input on books? If so, how so? 
*What would you like to see more of in our books?
*Does it mean a lot to you when authors ask for input? 
*What's your favorite way to connect with authors?

Thanks SO much for visiting today. Being able to connect with you and get to know you is an honor!
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Cheryl Wyatt


Sally Shupe said...

Cheryl!! I am so thankful we have connected! The internet makes it so much easier to find (locate), follow (stalk), and fellowship (really talk and get to know one another lol) with you. I am counting down the days until we can meet in person. There are miles and miles between us, but no time at all connecting on the internet.

Your books are always filled with fun, faith, and romance. Can't wait to read these latest ones and the ones coming out. I see God's hand in each word you write.

Who are you pulling for in the World Series? I just found out it is "frowned upon" to root for whoever has the ball. Unless it's the Braves playing, I root for them. But otherwise, it's usually whoever has the ball or makes a play. Especially in football. My husband just looks at me. Most of the time I don't even know who I'm going to root for lol.

Have you been playing any more disappearing acts? I used to try that when the kids were younger. It was fun listening to them try to find me lol.

Have a stupendous day, Cheryl! You are always in my prayers.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Sally, I totally agree! I think we should get snowed into a mountain cabin with hot cocoa, laughter, our laptops for writing and lots of yummy snacks and memories to make and share. So looking forward to meeting you face to face! Thank you for stopping by, my friend. It means a lot! Thank you for the kind words.

I am still pouting over the Cardinals losing and yet I secretly rooted for the Cubs when they beat the Cards, but the Cubs didn't make it in either. I'm leaning toward the Royals but I usually root for the underdogs. So I have to find out which team that is. LOL! I would also tend to root for the team with the best sportsmanship.

Haha on the disappearing acts. Not lately, thankfully and for the sake of my husband's sanity. LOL! For all who don't husband thought he left me at a gas station while on an RV trip recently. Too funny.


Jennifer said...

I like when an idea you come up with is chosen and that it is used in a book. It would be even cooler if your name was included in the story as an extra. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your book ! Jenny

Sally Shupe said...

Hey Jennifer!! How are you doing? An author using your idea would be so much fun! Getting to see your name in print as a character, priceless!

Sally Shupe said...

Cheryl, I love how you think! Tim has determined if we ever went to Colorado, even if it was in June, we'd get snowed in during some freak snowstorm or something lol. We will have to find a way to make this happen. Winter is here...My wheels are of these days!

Royals have been playing a very good game. But both teams seem equally good. It's been two great games. I've gotten a lot of writing done the past two nights too. Wonder if I could extend the playing season??

I had to pick two objects to determine I wasn't a robot before it would post my comment. Any guesses on the object?? A recreational vehicle! Just for you Cheryl.

Jennifer said...

Doing good Sally! Thanks for asking it means so much!

Valri said...

Cheryl, so excited about your upcoming book! I've missed reading something from you! Especially since we are BIRTHDAY BUDDIES! We have to stick together, girl! I can't wait to read you book coming out next week - fantastic! I will look for it! I hope I don't forget! And, I've been missing Eagle Point so I am so glad another book in that series is coming out - our birthday month! Yippee!!!!
I'm not sure if I'm signed up for your newsletter or not!!! Should I sign up again just to be sure?

jcp said...

newsletters is the way I interact with authors.

Dawn L. said...

Cheryl, I LOVE that you ask for reader input!! It definitely changes the way I read a book when I even just knew that a reader got to suggest something. I can't wait for your Eagle Point books.