Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilac Circle - Creating A New Series

Good morning, LI Readers and friends from Gail Gaymer Martin, novelist for LI since 1999. You can find me at www.gailgaymermartin.com

One thing I love to do is create a new series idea. This photo was taken in a real small town in Michigan called Owosso.  I spent a couple of days there taking photos, interviewing people, and being guided around town by Kimberly Springsdorf, Director of the Visitor's Bureau. She was amazingly helpful and guided me to wonderful places in this great town. Since I enjoy small towns, I wanted to set my Lilac Circle series here. I used a real cul-de-sac in town but name it Lilac Circle. It's a "dead end" street and every story in the series involves people who live on this road.

Since I enjoy having children in my novels,
I was  happy to find this amazing Playscape. at
Bentley park which provides a setting for a few scenes in my first book A Mother To Love, released in June, but in stores at the end of May. I will tell you more about this book in my May blog post.  The city has it's own Castle owned by a writer from the early days and a variety of great places to feature in the novels.

Those of you who are part of the Direct Mail Books will have read the novel already. I have received reader mail and the book was enjoyed by them all. I love hearing from readers so you are welcome to drop me a letter at the address that appears in the novel or contact me on my website shown above. I collect your emails and they are used to draw names for a free copy of one of my books.


Jackie Smith said...

YAY, Gail....so excited about your new series!
Keep up the great writing!!
Continued prayers for dh.

Jennifer said...

I so love small towns and cul de sacs too! Happy to hear you have a new series and keep up the great work. Prayers , Jenny

Shirley said...

Can't wait to read this series. I love stories set in small towns.