Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Mine's doing very well, thank you!! 
Jenna Mindel here, very excited about my harvest.  Actually, I've been picking green beans since the middle of July.  They are so yummy.  My corn is ripening too! I was able to pick 5 ears. Sure, they were on the small side, but still.  The jungle of tomato plants are producing some nicely ripening tomatoes.   My only disappointment are the cucumbers.  They're like freaky big and shaped funny. (okay, the ones in this picture are the normal ones.)   I think, THEY think they're supposed to be squash.  Even though we haven't planted any squash - last year we did have pumpkins.  Maybe that's what's throwing my cukes for a loop?


There's really something about harvest time, and the miracle of growth.  I am amazed at the abundance that comes from a hand full of seeds.  Makes perfect sense why Jesus used harvest as an illustration for spreading His Good News.  We can be His handful of seeds.

So, tell me, what's growing in your garden, and if you do not have one, what do you look forward to most from a garden or farmer's market?


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