Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime and The Things I Love

Happy Summer from Gail Gaymer Martin at
What's more lovely than flowers? This year my gardens have been gorgeous. I love looking out the window at the colors of my gardens.

Though authors love to write, we all have a variety of things that please us. Besides writing which is the way I spend most of my days, music has been a prime activity of mine singing and playing handbells at my church. I'm a soloist, part of the praise team and choir, plus I sing with a renown Christian chorale in Michigan.

But one of my plesaures is the garden.

   The love of flowers and the countryside, then makes sense when many years ago, when I first began to write that I penned a novel about a young woman who loved to sit on a hill surrounded by wild grasses and flowers and pen in her journal.  The hill also held wild raspberry bushes which she and her father would pick for raspberry pies that her mother made. Naturally a romance is woven through the novel, but it's one that never quite fit the Love Inspired style so it was never sold.  I have been working on the book as a possibility of publishing it as an eBook. Time will tell but I love the story and hope to share it one day with all of you.
So when you look at your garden flowers,  enjoy the memories that fill your mind of places you've been and flowers you've  picked from your garden to adorn your home as I've done in this photo of two kinds of hydrageas from the back yard. What delights you?
Have a blessed summer.

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