Monday, November 21, 2011

Allie Pleiter on Filling Your Thank Bank

Gratitude is an amazing thing.  It can transform just about any situation.  Recent years have taught me the power of gratitude even in the worst of circumstances. 
You’d think it would be hard to be grateful in the pediatric cancer intensive care unit.  It isn’t.  I would walk the halls and see parents who had it so much harder than our family.  We had a cooperative 14 year old boy who had an excellent prognosis even if his current situation was pretty awful.  A short walk down the hall I could find parents of a two year old who had to watch their daughter every waking moment because she kept trying to pull out the tubes that were keeping her alive.  Two door down there was another set of parents who lived every day with a daunting, sliver-of-hope prognosis for their frail son.  I’d return to our room thanking God for all the reasons we had to know our son would likely survive.  
And thrive.  This year I’m deeply grateful for a healthy son, a thriving college daughter, a stellar husband, our amazing summer trip to Europe (cheers to the Make A Wish Foundation!), a rocking new editor (woots to Elizabeth!), the world’s most adorable dog, fabulous readers, more yarn than I can knit in a lifetime, hot coffee every day, and a circle of friends that could make anything fun. 
I’ve spent 2011 beautifully aware that each day is a gift, each friendship is a lifeline, and every kind word is a lamp in the darkness. Remember to visit Janet Tronstad’s Thanksgiving Wall of Gratitude to tell us what you’re thankful for (and perhaps win a prize for filling your thank bank!)  Here’s the link:
Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you!

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