Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love Inspired - PERFECT for book clubs

I know that Steeple Hill books - for their length, perhaps (?) - are sometimes overlooked by book clubs looking for novels to discuss. But, imo, these little books are just about perfect! At the end of every book are a series of questions which are thoughtful discussion starters. And these books, while shorter, contain great stories with wonderful truths. Most book clubs choose one book per month - well, with Love Inspired, why not choose two. Or more!

You would be welcome to contact any one of the authors here, and we could help out, send our bios, answer more questions about ourselves and our work. We would welcome this and look forward to hearing from your group!

Linda Hall

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Mystery and Mayhem said...

Linda, great pic, there! So dignified.
You are so right about LI and LIS being perfect for book clubs. I bet LIH would be too. I have a friend who was part of a literary book club and one day, one reader brought in all her favourite Harlequin books, and handed them out and told them all to read them.
They did, and they discussed the line she read in detail, and found some surprising things. First up, they all loved romance. Secondly, they were more in-depth than they realized, and thirdly, they did work out well for book clubs.
This was before LI came about, but the great thing about our books is that they can be passed around without concern for their content, and they also have a depth that surprise many people.
And yes, Linda, any of us authors would be only too happy to answer questions! Thanks for bringing this up.